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About us

Our firm was established in 2012. We are proud to be the gathering of professionals with consistent legal experience and solid academic background, in Brazil and abroad.


Our foundation is the proximity between client and lawyer, which enables the understanding of the needs of each client, a deeper knowledge of the operations, in addition to allowing the development of a more effective preventive planning.


In a world in which changes are increasingly fast and dynamic, we stand out for our agility, excellence in services and the constant updating of our professionals.


We are present in Belo Horizonte, São Paulo and abroad, by means of strategic partnerships.


We believe in ethics, respect for the environment, in the harmonic coexistence between people and in advanced management principles


Professionals with solid academic background, in Brazil and abroad

Personalized service

We value a very close relation between the client and the lawyer


We cherish for ethics and transparency in the provision of services and in the relationship with our clients.

The Firm

One of the most recognized characteristics of the Lima Netto Firm is the effective participation of the partners in the supervision and execution of the work with the teams involved.

This way of acting allows customized solutions, respecting the needs of each client. The firm is prepared to serve clients of the most varied sizes and fields of activity.


We work in matters related to corporate operations, from the constitution of companies to the legal management of corporate conflicts,

Arbitration and mediation

We give consultation and legal advice in arbitration and other methods of conflict resolution to the Judiciary Power


We give consultation in all legal aspects from the human resources management, whether in Individual or Collective labor law

Civil litigation

We represent clients in lawsuits before State and Federal Courts of first and second instances, as well as before the Superior Courts

Tax Law

We give tax consultation, due diligence in corporate operations, develop tax and succession planing


We give consultation and legal advice involving municipal, state or federal environmental legislation


We give consultation and legal advice in the relations between suppliers and consumers of products and services drafting and reviewing contracts

Project funding

We give consultation and legal advice in the structuring of financing for industrial and infrastructure projects, including the preparation of proposals

Mergers and acquisitions

We give legal consultation to buyers and sellers in mergers and acquisition process, including the structuring, negotiation and implementation of operations

Real estate

We give consultation in real estate business, such as incorporation, construction, purchase and sale, exchange, lease,

Foreign investments

We give consultation in the planning and execution of foreign investments, involving obtaining registration with the Central Bank,

LGPD – Brazilian Data Protection Law

We give complete legal advice in the process of adapting the company to the General Data Protection Law, elaborating and reviewing clauses,

Biddings, Government Contracts and Infrastructure

We give consultation in national and international bids, public contracts, concessions, permits and public-private partnership (PPP), on fiscal responsibility

Mining law

We give consultation in issues involving legislation and regulation applicable to the mining sector, in obtaining or extending research authorization

Intellectual Property

We give consultation in on contracts involving license, assignment, authorization of use or protection of intellectual property rights

Third sector

We provide consultancy for the incorporation and legal management of third sector organizations, including civil society of public interest (OSCIP), social organizations (OS), foundations, institutes, associations and other non-governmental entities.

An avant-garde look towards the law

Every successful journey is built under attentive eyes, with firm steps and a vision of the future.

In 2022, we celebrate 10 years of walking. And when we turn back, we are filled with pride. A decade of work and important results! Time that brought us learning, maturity and consistency to see ahead!

Happy 10th anniversary!

Hoje, com confiança e otimismo, olhamos para os próximos 10 anos.
And we remain committed to delivering customized solutions for people and their companies.

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Our professionals

Qualified professionals who help make a difference in strategic, operational and organizational results for clients

Rodrigo Peres de Lima Netto
Lucila de Oliveira Carvalho
Rodrigo de Abreu Amorim
Cristiano Mayrink de Oliveira
Luís Márcio Bellotti Alvim

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If you prefer call directly to our offices. We are at Minas Gerais and São Paulo

Av. Barbacena, 472, 11º andar Belo Horizonte | 30190-130

+55 31 2517.1450

Av. Pres. J. Kubitschek, 2041 Torre D, SL 15-113, São Paulo/SP

+55 11 2613.9444


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    Belo Horizonte

    São Paulo